Security camera buying reviews and tips

Welcome to our site! This site will deal with reviews and information on security cameras and security camera systems. We have had quite a few years dealing with home surveillance and all the things that go along with it. We decided to create this site to help those who haven’t a clue about setting up their own security camera systems.

security camerasWe will be dealing with reviews on all the latest equipment including hardwired security cameras, wireless security cameras, DVR setups, and even information on IR illuminators that can extend your cameras night vision capabilities.

We know that it can be frustrating for people who haven’t ever set up their own home security cameras and security camera systems before because we were new at it in the beginning as well. We have articles here ranging from what to look for when buying DVR systems to how to install the cameras themselves.  Everyone has to start somewhere and hopefully we can be one of your starting points for knowledge concerning the subject being discussed here.DVR

Our staff of writers and reviewers will keep you abreast on all the newest information that concerns the surveillance and video security field. I was asked not long ago how I knew so much about security cameras and camera systems. Well, I told them that it was from years of trying, failing, and then eventually succeeding in successfully running my own extensive surveillance system at my home.

Truth is anyone can do it. It just takes practice. Lots and lots of practice. Happy reading and we all here hope you learn enough to be successful yourself and more.